12th Annual Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance

29 September - 01 October, 2014

Crowne Plaza Rome - St. Peter's , Rome, Italy

2014 Speaker Panel

Italian Navy
Rear Admiral Giorgio Gomma
Director of Naval Aviation and Commander of the Fleet Air Arm
Italian Navy
Brigadier David Evans
Head of, Information Services
Royal Navy
Sierra Leone
Major General SO Williams
Chief of Defence Staff
Sierra Leone
Rear Admiral Mario Rodriguez
Maritime Aviation
Colombian Navy

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The search for Malaysia Airline MH370 highlighted the difficulty in delivering effective wide area maritime surveillance. How then can nations enhance their maritime domain awareness?

Welcome to Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance 2014 – Europe’s leading forum for maritime and reconnaissance professionals.

As more and more scrutiny is placed on military and civil maritime reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities, nations are asking how they can deliver enhanced maritime domain awareness and just what the best platforms are for the job and if they affordable. Will the traditional Maritime Patrol Aircraft remain the norm as the P8 comes of age or will business jet conversions continue to increase in popularity? Undoubtedly, satellites can play a significant role, but are they effective at an affordable cost?

These questions and more will be answered at Maritime reconnaissance and Surveillance 2014.

So What’s New for 2014?

Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance 2013 attracted over 120 senior military and industry representatives to engage in a two-way discussion about the future maritime reconnaissance. Naturally Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance 2014 will continue to provide you with a truly international viewpoint on current and future requirements but this year will also see an increased focus on satellite capabilities and governmental maritime reconnaissance missions.

You can also expect to meet a wider range of non-European participants than ever before including nations whose maritime security is vital for international trade such as Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines

Keep checking back for more updates as the 2014 agenda continues to take shape.

  • Coast Guard Focus: Finnish Border Surveillance in the BalticCoast Guard Focus: Finnish Border Surveillance in the Baltic
    July 2014
    At this year’s conference, much of the focus will turn to Coast Guards and Border Protection agencies, who deal with varying levels of criminal activity in the maritime domain on a daily basis. Europe, in particular, is seeing growing severity in the volume of people smuggling now taking place from the sea. The Finnish Border Guard (FBG) will be represented at the event’s workshop day to discuss efforts to increase collaboration across those international services striving towards a common goal. We spoke with Commander Marko Tuominen, Head of the Border Surveillance and Preparedness Unit at the Finnish Border Guard Headquarters, ahead of his briefing on cooperation and shared investment.
  • Sponsorship Prospectus 2014Sponsorship Prospectus 2014
    The maritime domain offers a unique challenge for airborne surveillance and reconnaissance.
    From wide-area surveillance through to anti-piracy and drug interdiction operations, delivering effective surveillance of the maritime domain has become paramount to ensuring national security. Defence IQ’s Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance event has been the leading European forum for this subject for over a decade. Each year over 100 leading
    maritime professionals gather to debate a whole range of critical issues from the cutting edge questions over satellite based maritime surveillance and the MPA debate through to long-term considerations such as data fusion and dissemination.